God Remains

“My health may fail, and my spirit may grow weak; but God remains the strength of my heart; He is mine forever.”     Psalm 73:26


Have you ever met individuals who have this overflowing  joy, inner strength and peace that seems inexplicable?

Time and again I come across individuals who are suffering from a chronic illness, going through a heart wrenching loss, or even told they have months to live, yet they seem to have this overwhelming peace and inner strength within them.

How can this be? The answer is in this verse – God remains. Everything and everyone can leave us, but one thing will always remain – GOD!

He promises to never leave us nor forsake us. God remains! God is – always was – and always will be – God remains!

The key to this overflowing joy and strength is that we remain in Him. Trust Him for our very being – our every need, resting in His tender loving arms, giving Him all of our cares and woes, realizing that we can do nothing in our own strength. All we are and ever hope to be is in His merciful hands.

It is difficult at times with our chronic illness, pain, and trials of this life to always seem to go around with a smile as though everything is just fine.  This verse is not saying that. Look closer, the Psalmist has already admitted that his health is failing. Look what He has to say next. “My spirit may grow weak!”  He is “spent” physically and even spiritually, but He knows one thing and that one thing gives Him the strength to continue another day another moment.  What is that one thing?  God remains!

Where does their joy, peace and strength come from when all else has left them?  God remains! This one thing, this hope and promise will give each of us the strength to remain in a God who has made His dwelling place our heart.

Dear gracious heavenly Father, when all of life seems to overwhelm us, and our strength is gone, may we remain in You as You promise to always remain in us.  May we remember that You are the strength our heart.  In Jesus name, Amen.

About Michele:

Michele Williams lives in a beautiful Pennsylvania mountain community with her husband of 38 years. They have a beautiful grown daughter, caring son-in-law, awesome teenage grandson and three furry children who bring them joy.

Through the years, Michele and Jim have lived and ministered in Pennsylvania, Texas, New York, and Arizona. God has uniquely gifted her to be used in all aspects of the church ministry, including being a Pastor’s wife, and beyond. Child Evangelism, Regional Women’s Ministry Leadership, Nursing Home Ministry, Homeless Ministry, Wellness Ministry, Motivational Speaker, Christian Counselor and Freelance Writer.  She’s also been a Kindergarten teacher; bookkeeper; and office administrator for various businesses.

Michele’s experienced various challenges in her life: an abusive father; parents divorced twice; miscarriages; hysterectomy in her 20’s; wayward child; family members with various chronic health and mental illness; death of their fathers, step-father and her mother-in-law; care of her aging mother; foreclosure; financial problems; just to name a few.

Since 1985 Michele live with multiple chronic illnesses: Fibromyalgia, Osteoarthritis, Peripheral Neuropathy, Interstitial cystitis, IBD, chemical sensitivities, Asthma, Sleep Apnea, and treated for SLE Lupus (among other illnesses).

Even though Michele’s illnesses have been debilitating, she says, “The Lord continues to be a faithful Friend, showing me that I am still an exceptionally useful vessel worthy of His use. Through all the pain, trials and sufferings there have been many more blessings.”

Please visit Michele’s encouraging and informative blog, “Beelieve You Can,” where she inspires her readers  to claim and quote daily Psalm 18:29:“In Your strength I can crush an army; with my God I can scale any wall” (NLT).

You can contact her at free2soarhigher@aol.com