Healing Your Marriage When Trust Is Broken

If your husband came home and told you he’s had multiple affairs, has an addiction to pornography and another woman is pregnant with his child, what would you do? Would you stay or pack your bag and never look back? Is healing really possible in the midst of chaos?

In 2002, Cindy Beall’s world caved in around her when her husband Chris, the love of her life, and a respected pastor, confessed to the unthinkable. She grappled with those questions and others as she found herself buried in the debris of betrayal.

After much prayer, soul-searching and counsel she made the decision to stay and fight for her marriage and her family.

Cindy shares with raw honesty and vulnerability  the intimate knowledge of the pain of betrayal. Her story is one of God’s grace redeeming what appears to be unredeemable, then finding forgiveness and restoration.

With compelling warmth and compassion, Cindy reaches out to others who find themselves sitting in the rubble and encourages the reader to hold on to their belief in redemption.

I read the closing paragraph of chapter one to a client I’m counseling and she immediately asked if she could borrow my book (I gave her a copy).

“If you are feeling alone, know that I am here to journey with you, and so is God. He already desires to make you whole, even as the pieces of your known existence seem to be scattered to every corner of the universe. If the walls have tumbled and you cannot recognize truth from lies in the remains, know that God’s grace and power to transform your life are right  there in the midst of the debris.”

According to the Journal of Psychology and Christianity, 65% of husbands and 55%wives will commit adultery by the age of forty. Christianity Today survey found that 23% of the 300 pastors who responded admitted to sexually inappropriate behavior with someone other than their wives. With the rise of social media, 66% cite Facebook as the primary source for online divorce evidence. Not just an issue for celebrities or politicians, infidelity is a regular problem for married couples across the country.

If you are in the throes of a married persons greatest nightmare, I encourage you to read this book. It’s a powerful story of hope and renewal. And as she promised, Cindy will walk with you every step of the way. At the end of each chapter she has five thought provoking questions to guide you on Your Healing Journey.

She also has touching interviews woven into the chapters, couples sharing their story. At the end of the book are questions from people asking for advice. Showing great wisdom and her grasp of God’s Word, Cindy shares her insights regarding each question.

As her journey unfolds, I found 5 keys that are crucial to finding forgiveness and restoration in any marriage where trust has been broken in some way:

  • Seek guidance, counseling, and prayer support when deceptions surface
  • Help the family heal from the grief and humiliation
  • Rebuild trust after porn, sex, and other addictions undermine a relationship
  • Protect a marriage from lies and unfaithfulness
  • Relay on God to pursue forgiveness and move forward in new promises

I recommend every married couple read this book. God’s grace is woven throughout its pages and will strengthen your resolve to guard your heart and marriage at all cost. Chapter 13, Better Than New, will blow you away! It has to do with the other woman and the child she carried and brought into their world.

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